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Over The Top gourmet chocolate covered pretzels is a division of Sweet Sensations Gift Baskets


To make our luscious chocolate covered pretzels even better, we took them to the next level, took them over the top, some folks said. We created the ultimate gourmet chocolate covered pretzel by smothering the pretzels, over the top, with a large variety of candy, nut, and cookie favorites. Hence the name “Over The Top”!

Ohhhhhhhhhhh…… we love the toppings!
Choose from these yummy toppings:

Chocolate covered raisins, peanut butter cup chunks,“We’re So Nuts” cashews”, HI-DEE- HO Oreo™cookie chunks, Kit Kat™, “Gimmee the Jimmies”, M&Ms™,“Myrtle The Turtle”, Toffee crunch, and “Susan’s Favorite” (cashews and chocolate covered raisins combo), and special requests. Hand dipped in milk chocolate, dark chocolate, creamy white, or peanut butter confection.

 Over The Top gourmet chocolate covered pretzels are the ideal gift for any occasion. They can be beautifully arranged on a tray, in a basket, in a decorative tin, or in a container to coordinate with any theme or occasion. 

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